Get Her Look – Kylie Jenner


Today’s Get Her Look is with Kylie Jenner,the youngest of the Kardashians is one of the most influential girls when we talk about style. Kylie has already gone through a lot of styles, since grunge until the actual one, where she’s wearing outfits that  shows more her curves. Enough talking and let’s get it started 😉



1- Blue Coat, 2- Jersey Crop Top, 3- Grey Ripped Jeans, 4- Pointed-Toe Pump


1- Promises Hoodie, 2- Skinny Jeans, 3- Handbag, 4- Adidas Superstar


1- Crop Top, 2- White Flare, 3- Ankle Strap Heels


1- Crop Top, 2- Black Oungarres, 3- High Heels

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Get Her Look – Gigi Hadid

Announced in January of this year, as new face of Maybelline NY, Gigi Hadid is in the spotlight at the moment, her career got off the ground in 2015. Descended from Pakistani and Dutch, the it girl owns a singular beauty and a stripped-down and modern style and she is our chosen of today’s Get Her Look! Hope you get inspired by the outfits! So let’s get started it.



1-  V-Neck Tank Top, 2- Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, 3- Crossbody Bag, 4- Ankle Boots


1- Aztec Jacket, 2- Imitation Leather Joggers, 3- Clutch, 4- High-Heel Strappy Sandal


1- Stripe Print Blouse, 2- Aviator Sunglasses, 3- Jeans, 4- Trench Coat, 5- Nike Sneakers

gigi441- Basic T-Shirt, 2- Jeans, 3- Shoes, 4- Sunglasses, 5- Jacket, 6- Belt, 7- Chain Bag

Hope you guys enjoyed! See you next time :)! Xx

Get Her Look – Jennifer Lawrence

Hi guys, this post is about one of our favourite actresses and one of the actresses who rocked in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence. Jlaw’s style on her day-to-day, is versatile and casual and on the red carpets, she likes to switch between sexy, elegant and bold looks. That’s it, hope you like it and get inspired with all these amazing outfits.



1-Beanie, 2- Plaid Shirt, 3- Neck Tank, 4- Cat Eye Sunglasses, 5- Skinny Jeans, 6- Handbag, 7- Espadrilles


1- Necklace, 2- Jumpsuit, 3- Belt, 4- Bracelet, 5- Clutch, 6- Shoes


1- Sunglasses, 2- Crochet Tank, 3- Backpack, 4- Belt, 5- Boyfriend Jeans, 6- Espadrilles


1- Dress, 2- Clutch, 3- Shoes